With PlantCorc Technology


Select Green


These 100% recyclable and renewable technical corks are made from plant-based polymers made of sugar cane.



"In short, this bio-based technique is a cork and an almost perfect solution for sealing wines," said Marcello Zaccagnini, owner of Azienda Zaccagnini. "We wanted a product that would eliminate the carbon problem, let the wines breathe right, but at the same time have the ability to pull open the classic cork. But most importantly, as a manufacturer that produces 3 million bottles per year, we wanted to eliminate up to 10% of cork spoilage in our stocks per year. "



Concenzio Marulli, the wine expert of Zaccagnini, started a research project with Antonella Basso of Centro di Ricerca per l'Enolgia in Asti, in order for his company to find the most accurate bottle sealing products with sustainability. During this period of more than 18 months, they observed the development of wines using various natural corks, screw caps and Nomacorc.


"Obviously, we saw the best results at Nomacorc," said Marulli. "The choice of 3 different styles of Select (Bio) Green - each with a different level of oxygen input into the bottle - gave us the opportunity to regularly adjust the oxygen penetrating our wines."



Please contact our company for information about Select (Bio) Green products, which are also used in our country.