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Founded in 1825, Tonnellerie Demptos has forged its expertise over two hundred years, building on experience and new developments. The company is proud of still being a family business, where tradition and close customer relations are paramount. At Demptos, all their skill goes into making top quality barrels to meet the requirements and expectations of winemakers all over the world. Tekpak started to exclusively represent Demptos in 2014.


225-600 Liter Barrels




OH>15® BARREL.jpg

This OH> 15® technology FIÇI is the result of research conducted at the Demptos Center; It is based on an isolated and selected selection of wood for its ability to balance alcohol-rich wines such as those produced in the southern regions.


The goal is to help grape varieties find their full expression and achieve a better balance using innovative barrels designed to reduce the effects of ripe fruit. To achieve this, the Demptos Center research staff was able to isolate wood that contains variable forms of the ß-ß type that offer more resistant chemical bonds and are less likely to turn into phenols during frying. This wood is only available in very small quantities and is used to make OH> 15® drums. This is what limits the phenol content in low acid grapes with high potential alcohol content and preserves the spicy notes.


The Bordeaux barrel is the result of knowledge passed down from generation to generation and is Demptos' representative.


Founded thirty years ago Demptos determining the rankings in 1855, established partnerships with the most prestigious properties to create excellence. Produced with a know-how gained over nearly two hundred years, the Bordeaux barrel is shaped according to the traditions of cooperation to meet more specialist requirements than ever before. It is an exceptional product chosen for the long-term maturation of great wines and can be seen lined up in some of the best known cellars.


Tradition barrel, a fine example of the Demptos style, was born out of research on the importance of veins in wood selection. It has become the Demptos reference in terms of quality and repeatability.


With this product and its organoleptic qualities, Demptos built on the research conducted at its Center to offer a choice based on more than the geographical origin of the wood. The effect of the grain of the wood, highlighted by research by our team of scientists, means that Cooperage can now offer an option with Tradition barrels that provides a perfect balance between aroma, tannin and macroporosity. This product now accounts for 60% of Demptos sales.

The Paradox® barrel is characterized by an intense, deep fry made without roasting the surface and protecting the wood against the aromatic notes produced by a traditional toast.


The process used in its production exposes the wood in the Paradox® barrel to high temperatures without causing the reactions that occur in a dense toast made by the traditional method. Color and frying / roasting aromas are not encountered in wines matured in them. This process also reduces the tannin content extracted from the tree. The outer shell of the Paradox® barrel is protected from direct exposure to flames, no change due to combustion.


Essencia® barrel, an aroma booster made from wood chosen for its norisoprenoid content, is the result of years of research and scientific expertise by Demptos employees.


Designed to promote the expression of fruity or floral aromas in wines, the Essencia® barrel is exclusive to Demptos. Designing this 100% analytical product has been researched by Cooperage's scientific teams for over eight years combined with the traditional know-how of its craftsmen.


Design wood is used only in special pigmentation and carefully selected for their ability fruity or floral types intensify their primary aroma of grape varieties.

A barrel for great wines, the Réserve series is the fruit of the French tradition, the know-how of Demptos' masters and the finest wood selection.


They are made with boards with uniform appearance, selected only for the wood grain to be extremely fine. Réserve barrel is a product chosen by definition. Color harmony, fine polishing after sanding… From the selection of wood to the finishing touches, special care is taken to ensure that this product is unique at every stage of its production.


Reserve Demptos rich, for wine has a balanced structure. It has been designed with great care and has been designed for 14 months or longer ripening periods. The fine grains of the wood leave ample room for oxidative changes. It is also characterized by a limited oak tannin effect and a more pronounced aromatic character due to its whiskey-lactone content.


This barrel takes its character from the North American oak tree.


The Quercus alba trees used to make the American oak barrel come from an area of ​​130 square kilometers in the State of Missouri alone.


They are isolated according to the thickness of the vessel These oaks benefit from the special climate in the southern part of the state, which offers natural drying conditions after 24 to 36 months of ripening, which reduce their bitterness and increase their aromatic effects.

The board selection, blending and toasting degree has been adjusted to meet the unique wine criteria for which our D'Collection barrels are intended.


The barrels in the D'Collection range are particularly suitable for the wine making of single wines.


Each product is a new interpretation and is rediscovered according to the specific characteristics of the grape variety it is intended for. This assortment offers a wide choice of oak grain, origin, drying time and frying intensity to accompany and reveal the potential of future wines.


Quercus petraea gives subtle nuances to Demptos Cooperage's Hungarian oak barrels thanks to its aroma and ellagitannin.


The wood used to make these Hungarian oak barrels comes from Hungarian forests and specifically Quercus petraea oaks. At the Demptos stave jobs in Szigetvar, Hungary, naturally maturing for 24 or 36 months, this product is characterized by aromatic fractions evoking vanilla and spices. The measured tannin content limits the feeling of bitterness and bitterness.


Hungarian oak barrels that is ideal for outdoor effects, shortly after the ingestion without bottles is suitable for short and medium length intended aromatic maturation of wine.

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