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DEMPTOS - A tower of inspiration!

We could not wish for a better symbol. Rising up and above the skyline to sit, overlooking Paris itself. Here, wine will rest and mature high up in Paris’ iconic tower. Here, the strongest ideas take hold, where quality is demanded. Here, we are in the heart of the event. Of course, we must descend eventually. But a little part of us will remain up above, resonating in the values at the very heart of Demptos. Combining the timeless and the ephemeral, the unique

and the universal, breaking rules and inventing others, using the past to write a new story...

We have delved deep into our past many times now, telling the story of men, women, experience and knowledge to bring our inspiration to you.

Read on, and make your own discoveries.


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Labrenta announces a new operation in Mexico. The new production site in Mexico has been officially launched, also thanks to the acquisition of the company Tapones Cabrera, already active for years in closures production of different materials.

Labrenta's entrepreneurship, know-how and technology are mixed with Cabrera's skills with the absolut aim of launch in the market an innovative line of products and original and complex projects with high quality standards. 

This choice is part of the group strategy began in 2005 with the foundation of Labrenta South America in Brasil.
Even in a period of uncertainty, insecurity and no travels have led to an inevitable change of course, Labrenta has managed with determination and an entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish the Mexican project, in a perspective of expansion on new markets, where premium spirits & wine products are increasing and are determining imports growth but also on-site production.