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Here you can find the news in the press about our company and the products we market.



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Vinolok Technical Project Manager Edina Kiss visited our company and Şişecam, one of the domestic glass producers. At the end of the productive visit, it was decided to work on which Şişecam bottles suitable for Vinolok products would be technically compatible or, if necessary, on the development of bottles suitable for Vinolok glass stoppers.

Edina Kiss, "Vinolok is currently working on joint product development with many of the world's leading manufacturers and is developing its product range day by day, and is very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with Şişecam in Türkiye," said Edina Kiss. 

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MARCH 2023

Nomacorc Ocean is a new cork from Vinventions and is the first cork worldwide to be made using "Ocean Bound Plastic" Oceanic plastic. 


For this launch, Vinventions has formed two partnerships. In Sicily, Donnafugata wines join Vinventions in their action to protect the oceans, choosing Nomacorc Ocean for their Damarino cuvee wines. Maison Bouey in France, purely eco-designed for their cuveet wine Oh La Vache! 

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Vinventions – a global leader in closure solutions for the wine industry - announces its recent acquisition of Federfin Tech Srl, an aluminium screwcap specialist established in Tromello (Italy).


This acquisition will reinforce Vinventions’ leadership in the wine closure space and represents a major milestone in the company’s strategy to become a global leader across all sustainable closure types for the wine and spirits industry.


By joining forces with Federfin, Vinventions will become one of the top 3 producers of wine screwcaps globally, creating significant industrial and commercial synergies to the benefit of its customers whilst staying true to its philosophy of flexibility, proximity and strong technical support.

The combined group will also leverage its unique R&D capabilities and industrial know-how to continue investing in innovation and bringing new, sustainable products to its global customer base.

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In May, customer visits will be made with Vinventions and Saverglass regional officials. In these visits, companies will not only introduce their new products, but also share the current situation regarding the ongoing supply problems for the last two years and their plans for 2023 with our customers.


21-FEBRUARY 2022 - Vinventions is launching the SÜBR F5, a new micro-natural wine closure that complements the current SÜBR lineup with two aesthetic options, SÜBR F7 and SÜBR M5. This new cover combines the traditional look of high quality natural cork while ensuring the absence of polyurethane glue and cork stain.

The SUBR is similar to the high quality one-piece natural cork design, resulting in a closure that will enhance the premium experience of opening a bottle of wine. It has patented high resolution cork print decoration on the sides and ends and can print additional logos on the sides and/or ends. The expanded SÜBR range allows meeting market needs in terms of finishing and aesthetics.

SUBR is the world's first polyurethane-free and stain-free micro natural cork. Within this category, Vinventions now offers 3 micro-natural closures with different aesthetics (SUBR F7, F5 and M5). All SUBR corks guarantee a consistent, low oxygen input, ideal for maintaining freshness and ensuring optimum aging in the cellar.

Since mid-2021, SÜBR micro-natural closures have been produced at our factory in Rivesaltes (France). Micro-nature mushrooms are slowly establishing themselves as a new category of mushrooms and experienced a 50% increase in volume in 2021. Hundreds of customers are already enjoying the benefits of SUBR.


State of the art technology enables production of the first polyurethane-free and recyclable closure to ensure utmost respect for the environment. Over the past few months, Vinventions has significantly increased its production capacity, moving from the pilot phase to the industrial phase.


As a new category of cork stopper, Micro-Natural Made using cork granules bonded with a Bio-sourced and biodegradable material. Polyurethane-free manufacturing process allows SUBR stoppers to be recycled into other applications
Consistency from bottle to bottle, high quality traditional look, Excellent aging potential, Guaranteed to prevent cork stain

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Labrenta announces a new operation in Mexico. The new production site in Mexico has been officially launched, also thanks to the acquisition of the company Tapones Cabrera, already active for years in closures production of different materials.

Labrenta's entrepreneurship, know-how and technology are mixed with Cabrera's skills with the absolut aim of launch in the market an innovative line of products and original and complex projects with high quality standards. 

This choice is part of the group strategy began in 2005 with the foundation of Labrenta South America in Brasil.
Even in a period of uncertainty, insecurity and no travels have led to an inevitable change of course, Labrenta has managed with determination and an entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish the Mexican project, in a perspective of expansion on new markets, where premium spirits & wine products are increasing and are determining imports growth but also on-site production.

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