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Natural corks are the best solution for preserving wines. Taking into account the natural characteristics of cork, natural stoppers offer excellent bottling quality as well as unequaled durability.
Properties such as compressibility, elasticity and impermeability (to liquids and gases), make these stoppers the most suitable for high-end wines with aging potential.
The result of R.Cork’s natural stoppers : a perfect seal for decades.


An ecological stopper that respects all the wine’s aging potential!

Sunclear natural stoppers are produced by drilling the bark of the cork oak.

Sunclear stoppers are differentiated into three main families:

Sunclear, Sunclear D, Sunclear DX.

Key benefits:

  • Ecological choice

  • Low concentration of chemicals

  • Great aging potential

  • Premium perception for the end consumer


Excellent visual quality at a fraction of the cost!

NuStar stoppers are natural cork stoppers whose lenticels are filled with cork powder together with binding agents approved for contact with food.

Its homogeneous and attractive visual appearance combines with the good mechanical characteristics of natural stoppers, resulting in a natural stopper at a fraction of the cost.



  • Good consumer perception at a fraction of the cost

  • Excellent choice for fast drinking wines

  • Economic


A premium ecological cork, perfect for high-end organic wines!

Natur stoppers come from lots of cork carefully selected for their sensory and structural properties.


No chemicals are used throughout the various stages of the production process.

The absence of chemical products makes these stoppers an ultra-premium product, in line with modern biological and sustainability values.

Key Benefits:


  • Ecological choice

  • Chemical free

  • Great aging potential

  • Premium perception for the end consumer

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