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Which oenological tannins should I use to reinforce the structure of a red wine?
TANNINS (in 500gr. Bags)

Made from a selection of natural products, Demptos tannins and yeast derivatives are designed to enrich, correct, adjust, balance and improve the stability of wines.

Tannins are known to play an important role in the transformation and evolution of wines during the maturing process.

Oenological tannins

Hydrolysable or condensed, the function of the tannins proposed by Demptos varies according to their nature :reinforce wine oxidation, help to stabilise the colour, colloidal substance or profile for a better balance.

Top quality tannins developed by Demptos company worldwide.


If you want to try, please contact us for a sample .

Thanks to its active white pipprocyanidols, Profil Seed Polymer reinforces the structure and body of red wines that are lacking in structure.


It also has antioxidant properties and helps stabilise the color of the wine.

Profil Oak - Oak tannins - Ellagitanins

Profil Seed Polymer - Grape seed tannins - oligomeric procyanidins

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