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Nomacorc Plantcorc technical cork

As Vinventions, one of the biggest companies in the world:

  • With our production facilities and high capacity on 3 continents, we guarantee your product needs.

  • With its financial strength, we ensure reliability and continuity in meeting your needs.

  • We provide global distribution network and local support.


As a leader in oxygen management:

  • With our world-class R&D and oenologist teams, we develop stable and ideal wine preservation and aging products that winemakers want.

  • We provide the opportunity to benefit from current and future technological developments, which are comprised of our joint work with wine research institutes.


As the number 1 company of the world's alternative caps / cork market, the product we offer you:

  • Pleasant to the eye and hand, accepted by wine consumers

  • With its stable wine preservation and aging feature, it ensures meeting the demands of wine consumers and reinforces brand loyalty.

  • By eliminating the risk of fungal stain, deterioration, breakage and fragmentation, it satisfies the expectations of the consumer and prevents the problem of spoiled goods and bad brand image.

  • It eliminates the risks associated with nutrition with the food safety requirements (ISO, HACCP, BRC,) accepted everywhere in the world.

  • Contributes to environmental protection with its 100% recycling feature and the lowest carbon rates compared to other products in its category.

  • Over 10 years, 10 billion mushrooms have been used by 30 producers of more than 5000 and 40 of the world's largest wine producers.


Why does Nomacorc protect wine better than natural cork and other types of caps?

Nomacorc provides the ideal taste

  • It eliminates the moldy odor and taste caused by the deterioration of the cork seen in bottles sealed with natural corks.

  • Produced with advanced technology, Nomacorc ensures that the wine remains the same quality and taste in every bottle thanks to the continuous production of the same quality that protects the wine.

  • Thanks to its unique superficial outer texture, Nomacorc ensures that the bottle closes tightly and prevents any leakage or damage caused by oxygen.

  • Thanks to the special texture on the inner core of Nomacorc, it regulates the oxygen flow and ensures proper ventilation of the wine that other bottle closing options do not have.

  • Nomacorc can easily remove corks from the bottle, just like natural corks, but it eliminates the dreadful breakdown of natural corks and hence corks entering the bottle.


Nomacorc one of the world's largest mushroom producers

  • We are the second largest bottle capping manufacturer in the world.

  • One-third of all wines sold in the United States use co-extrusion synthetic cork. One in five bottles produced in France and Germany uses Nomacorc cork.

  • Nomacorc produces more than 60 mushrooms per second, more than 5 million mushrooms a day, and more than 2 billion a year.


Nomacorc pays attention to environmental protection

  • Nomarcorc mushrooms are 100% recyclable.

  • Nomacorc produces one-fourth of the energy that natural mushroom producers spend.

  • Nomacorc uses 200 times less water used by natural mushroom producers.


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Vinventions At a Glance

Monitoring of identified wine quality markers remains a problem for winemakers.


Usually, grape, wine and wine samples should be collected and sent to laboratories for analysis. This can prevent winemakers from making quick decisions while waiting for these reports from the lab.


Wine Quality Solutions constantly examines and evaluates current technologies in all areas of applied analytical chemistry, especially in order to develop analyzers that can provide fast responses with minimal sample preparation. For precise measurement or fast fingerprinting, NomaSense ™ analyzers are used to evaluate grape properties in wineries, to monitor individual steps in winemaking, to track wine evolution during ripening, and to manage wine oxygen exposure in winemaking; Provides analytical results within seconds.

Noma Sense


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