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Synthetic Seal / Label




  • Polyster or PVC film

  • It provides a stamp effect by using thick resin on the edges.

  • The base film can be chrome, gold or white.

  • Possibility to make any color.

  • If transparent film is used, it takes the color of your bottle or box.

  • Possibility to use in wet areas.

  • In addition to manual bonding, it is the first time in the world to apply these types of plastic stamps to all different surfaces using label machines in mass production.

  • Possibility to apply on different surfaces thanks to special adhesive types.

  • Possibility to apply with paper strip.



Sentetik Etiketler-Beyaz.jpg

Metal labels


  • You can create different looks for your product by using different sizes, shapes and materials for your labels.



Metal Etiketler-Beyaz.jpg

Where can you use

Etruscan Seal.jpg

Wine & Spirits bottles



Atelier Rebul 125th on bottle.jpeg

Cologne / Perfume bottles

Atelier Rebul 125th on tube.jpeg

Aluminum / Laminated tube

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